Engie has launched its home energy business in the UK, being the largest company to enter the UK domestic energy market for more than 15 years.

Drawing on ENGIE’s international expertise to ensure an effective and highly competitive range of products, the home energy business has been designed to provide an excellent experience to customers at every stage of the customer journey, in a transparent way, and to bring new Connected Home innovation to the UK.

As part of its commitment, Engie is the first UK supplier to commit to rolling customers onto the cheapest available tariff at the end of their fixed term plan.

In Summer 2017, Engie will also launch Tracker, an innovative product designed to align retail and wholesale prices like never before, reflecting the wholesale price changes in the price that customers pay. It will align customer bills with the real price of energy, bringing a new level of price fairness and transparency to UK customers.

Engie’s approach to home energy is also focused on renewables: all of Engie’s plans offer 100% renewable at no extra cost, like in France for the new plans since a few months. For all customers that sign up to this tariff, Engie will make a donation to a community initiative scheme that invests in local sustainability projects.

Judith Hartmann, Executive Vice President of Engie, in charge of the UK and North America business units, Chief Financial Officer, said: “The launch of Engie’s home energy business in the UK is a natural extension of our BtoB energy and services activities in the country, reaffirming our long-term commitment to the UK.

"With the combination of our knowledge of the country and our global expertise in BtoC solutions, we are convinced we can provide something new to energy customers in the UK: a fair, clear and transparent pricing along with plans to save money and energy in a sustainable way.”

Globally, Engie is already a leading domestic supplier, serving over 16 million homes with 10,000 employees in this field. This launch in the UK is in line with the Group’s ambition to develop integrated customer solutions globally, one of its three growth engines.

The Engie Group aims at continuing to develop its retail activities both by strengthening its positions in some regions and by entering into new countries, such as the UK. By 2020, the Group intends to increase its BtoC contracts portfolio by 30% and its BtoC EBITDA by 50%.