EnerTeck Chemical, utilizing a series of verifiable proprietary testing protocols, designed specifically to measure levels of overall performance of diesel engines, has proven the value of EnerBurn to the marketplace. Detailed data regarding a customer’s fuel efficiency and emissions levels is compared to data compiled prior to the introduction of EnerBurn. This data is analyzed and provides the client with reliable fuel trends. These results consistently confirm a projected 8-15% improvement in fuel economy, as well as offering the significant improvement in emissions reductions being sought.

The cost of diesel fuel continues to rise, negatively impacting the ability of companies of all types to maintain financial viability.

Dwaine Reese, Enerteck’s chief executive officer, stated, “We know the usage of EnerBurn® both reduces diesel fuel consumption and improves emissions. We are so confident that we prove it to our customers using their own data and their own equipment. Our analytical methods remove any doubt relative to EnerBurn’s® effectiveness under real world operating conditions.” Mr. Reese further added, “Our initial sales efforts in Australia have resulted in a number of significant new prospects from many industries that have expressed an interest in using EnerBurn®.”

EnerTeck through its wholly owned subsidiary, EnerTeck Chemical, specializes in the sales and marketing of a fuel borne catalytic engine treatment for diesel engines known as EnerBurn.

EnerGreen is an Australia-based company.