EU energy commissioner Andris Piebalgs has expressed his support for the trilateral coupling of the French, Dutch and Belgian electricity markets, emphasizing the importance of market coupling as a fundamental step towards the true integration of European electricity markets.

The new joint market has been functioning since November 21, 2006 and has enabled the creation of a power exchange in Belgium, a more efficient use of interconnectors, as well as the emergence of more level pricing between the three countries.

The trilateral market coupling is planning to later link with the first regional market of Europe, the northern market to Norway, and to the Iberian market, which is currently moving towards a closer integration.

The anticipated market coupling with eastern Europe through Germany will provide vital progress in creating a European wholesale market functioning, which will, in turn, facilitate further connections with more distant countries such as the Baltic States.

Trilateral market coupling is a project that was supported by the North-West Europe Pentalateral Energy Forum and the North-West Europe Regional Initiative, led by regional electricity regulators.