Hydro-Quebec’s research institute (IREQ) and Enercon Canada have entered into R&D partnership to study grid integration of wind power.

The aim of the agreement is to advance understanding of the impacts on grids of new electronic wind turbine control systems.

 “We’re extremely proud of this strategic partnership and delighted to once more be conducting joint studies with Hydro-Québec, a power grid leader,” said Michael Weidemann, Executive Vice-President, ENERCON Canada Inc.

“Once again, we’re working with IREQ, a partner with which we share not only a long history, but ambitions to produce top-calibre studies. We’re also very pleased to be collaborating a doctoral project for the first time in Canada, building on our current collaborations with German universities.”

“We’re proud to be working with Enercon, a global leader in wind turbine technology, to develop new algorithms and new technologies to facilitate wind power grid integration,” said Jérôme Gosset, IREQ’s general manager. “We’re pleased that this partnership also offers us an opportunity to develop our expertise in the field.”

The partnership allies Enercon’s expertise in energy converters and Hydro-Quebec’s know-how in grid simulation and operation. For over 10 years, IREQ has been simulating large-scale wind power grid integration, achieving global recognition for its competence and helping spur development of this energy stream in Quebec.