In Sardinia the new turbines are bringing Enel Green Power’s installed wind capacity to over 110 MW, while in France, the entry into service of the plant brings total installed capacity to more than 28 MW.

The wind farm will produce more than 90 million kWh, enough to meet the needs of more than 33,000 households, equivalent to more than one third of the inhabitants of Sassari, while avoiding the atmospheric emission of 70,000 tonnes of CO2.

In France, Les Eparmonts Haute Marne, the new wind power facility of Enel Erelis – Enel Green Power’s French subsidiary – consists of eight 1.5 MW wind turbines for a total installed capacity of 12 MW. The new plant is expected to generate annually about 24 million kWh. Les Eparmonts Haute Marne joins in the 8 MW plant at Leign ar Gasprenn, which recently began operation.

With the entry into service of the two new facilities, Enel Green Power can now count on more than 28 MW overall wind capacity already installed in France, with another 40 MW under construction as part of a development pipeline of more than 500 MW.

The current installed wind capacity is sufficient to generate more than 50 million kWh, enough to meet the annual electricity needs of 15,000 French households – more than 10% of the inhabitants of a city the size of Nice – while avoiding the emission of 40,000 tonnes of CO2, the greenhouse gas identified as one of the prime causes of climate change.

With these new plants, Enel Green Power is further increasing its worldwide-installed wind capacity, which now amounts to around 1,250 MW.