The wind project was developed by EMG operating company Edison Mission Energy with Foresight Wind Energy, LLC and local co-development partner Karbon Zero Energy.

“We’re honored to have Senator Bingaman join us,” said Edison International Chairman Ted Craver. “He has been a leader in Washington in promoting the development of clean, renewable energy, and his home state provides one of the nation’s best locations for wind projects through both economic incentives and a good wind regime. We look forward to continuing to work with him on the urgent energy and environmental policy matters being debated in Congress.”

“I am so pleased to participate in the dedication of Edison International’s High Lonesome Mesa wind project. Thanks to projects like this, New Mexico is leading the way in the area of renewable energy. I applaud Edison International for making this investment in our state,” said Senator Bingaman, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Bingaman is developing bipartisan legislation in the Senate aimed at shifting the country toward a low-carbon economy through the increased use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The wind farm is located about 90 miles southeast of Albuquerque, High Lonesome Mesa. The project, which became operational on July 16, 2009 can generate 100 MW of electricity, enough to meet the needs of around 24,000 homes. Electricity at the site is generated by 40 wind turbines manufactured by Clipper Windpower plc.

“We’re pleased to contribute to the local economy and provide a new clean energy source for this region,” said EMG Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ron Litzinger. “Wherever we operate we are committed to responsible corporate citizenship and environmental stewardship, and we are excited to come to Torrance County in that spirit.”

“The climate-friendly energy provided by the High Lonesome project is part of APS’ growing renewable energy portfolio designed to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity for our customers,” said Don Robinson, president and chief operating officer, APS. “With wind from New Mexico and solar from Arizona, our customers are able to take advantage of the best resources each state has to offer.”

“Foresight Wind Energy is extremely proud of the High Lonesome project, developed in concert with Edison Mission Group. We are particularly appreciative of the strong county and community support,” said Warren Byrne, Foresight Wind Energy president and CEO. “The project has provided an important economic stimulus for the region, and will help New Mexico meet its goals for renewable energy generation and rural economic development.”

High Lonesome Mesa is a $190 million project which supported 250 construction jobs over the past several months. The project will pay $24 million in taxes and fees to the local and state economies over the next 30 years.

Site manager is Jeremy Johnson, operations and maintenance manager. He oversees seven full-time operations and maintenance workers.