Elster offers electronic and electromechanical polyphase meters for residential, commercial and industrial applications that can be incorporated into automated metering infrastructure (AMI) systems for smart grid deployment.

Elster’s AS1440 meter supports both direct and current/voltage transformer (CT/VT) connections and 4-quadrant measurement.

Rainer Miermann, design and development manager of Elster, said: “Silicon Labs’ Si8422 digital isolator meets the very high performance, reliability and security standards of our electronic polyphase meters.

“Smart meters must operate safely and reliably in harsh outdoor environments prone to transient spikes. The Si8422 IC provides a robust isolation solution that is critical to the fail-safe operation of one of our most advanced smart electricity meters.”

The Si8422 is a member of Silicon Labs’ Si84xx digital isolator family, which supports high-speed data transmission up to 150mbps while providing up to 5kV of isolation.