Campaigners opposed to plans to build a 2 megawatt (MW) wind turbine at the Eden project in Cornwall. The protestors raised a balloon before to express how tall the turbine would be. The wind turbine would cost GBP3 million to build. Some people alleged that the wind turbine, which would be double the height of Nelson's Column, will overpower the landscape. Restormel Borough Council is due to make a decision on Eden's planning application at the end of January 2009.

The ecological tourist attraction located near St Austell desires to install the 127 meters (420ft) high wind turbine in order to become energy self-sufficient.

Andrew Dean, from No to Eden Project Wind Turbine (NEWT), said: We’re trying to show the visual impact the balloon would have on the area.

He said it would be like Big Ben with a jumbo jet nailed to its face like a Catherine Wheel.

In addition to this, Dean said that his main opposition to the turbine was its enormous size and a number of smaller turbines would be preferable.

In November Eden, which says it has a duty to promote sustainable energy, put up its own balloon to demonstrate the turbine’s impact.