Ecosphere Energy Services, LLC, President, Dennis McGuire said, We appreciate the Commission’s granting of the permit to utilize our Ozonix technology in Oklahoma. Their representatives visited our site twice during the pilot program to witness the Ozonix System working and took samples for independent testing. It was a lengthy and deliberate procedure to gain Commission approval and their efforts will help to preserve Oklahoma’s precious water resources. The Ecosphere Ozonix System will also result in fewer trucks on the road hauling water which will reduce both carbon emissions and a waste stream from drilling operations. The frac flowback waste stream will be recycled for fracturing new wells or returned to the environment through land application. We also want to thank Newfield for having the vision to work with Ecosphere’s cutting edge technology to develop cost effective ways to recycle water for fracturing natural gas wells.

The initial program began in November 2008. The permit granted is for a two year period and will be reviewed in June 2011 to determine if the program is allowed to continue.

Ecosphere is a US-based water engineering and services company.