Fundamentally, ozonated water percolates more deeply and rapidly, providing up to a 15% reduction in water usage, and the extra oxygen dissolved in the water is tremendously beneficial to the grass. Turf irrigated with ozonated water develops better color and a deeper root system.

Michael Elliot, president of Eco-Safe Systems, stated, “The need for chemicals and fertilizer is reduced, and ozone kills fungi and bacteria dangerous to grass. The ability of ozone to remediate low quality water also benefits those golf courses forced to use reclaimed water for irrigation. We feel the final tests will provide us with superb marketing material to develop this huge market for our Eco-Safe Systems.”

Elliot concluded, “The restaurant at this course also tested one of our units, and has just purchased one of our food disinfection systems. The chefs at the restaurant have been thrilled by the increased quality of their fresh food rinsed in ozonated water.”