With the high pressure coolant injection system inoperable, the operator put the reactor back in Mode 2 at zero percent power.

The unit was shut on March 28, 2009 due to high vibration on a main turbine bearing as it was planning to shut for the refueling.

The unit’s last shut for refueling was from about September 29, 2009 to November 19, 2007 and is on an 18-month refueling cycle.

The 1,173 MW Fermi nuclear station is situated in Newport in Monroe county around 30 miles southwest of Detroit. The station has several units including unit 2 and has entered service in 1988, and four 12 and 13 MW oil-fired turbines (1966).

DTE Energy has filed with the NRC to construct one of General Electric Company /Hitachi Ltd’s 1,550 MW economic simplified boiling water reactors (ESBWR) at Fermi power station, in 2008.

According to an industry estimate of $3,300 per kilowatt, the latest reactor could cost around $5.1 billion.

One MW powers around 800 homes in Michigan.