The Saddle-1-28 well was drilled to a depth of 4,875 feet and, after testing, production casing was set and the well is now producing oil and natural gas. The Saddle-2-28 was drilled to a total depth of 4,575 feet and initial testing justified the setting of production casing as well. Production has commenced on this well and it is producing natural gas.

The Saddle-3-28 was drilled to a total depth of 4,750 feet, production casing was set in place and the well is being tested for oil and natural gas. The volumes of oil and natural gas being produced have not yet stabilized.

As part of this 2009-1 drilling programme of which Delta owns a 5% interest, there are two wells yet to be drilled. They are called the Saddle-1-27 and the Saddle-2-27. They are in the same area as the first three wells and are expected to yield similar results to the first three wells in this programme.

Delta Oil is an exploration company focused on developing North American oil and natural gas reserves. The company’s current focus is on the exploration of its land portfolio comprised of working interests in acreage in King City, California; Southern Saskatchewan, Canada; and South Central, Oklahoma.