On August 3rd, 2017, Jordan Hussein Project DCS Energization was completed successfully, which marked the project achieved anther important milestone node successfully, and laid a solid foundation for the realization of the project single-cycle power generation targets.

The DCS system equipment transmission range includes: Electric Building electronic equipment room, controlling room and engineer station related DCS system main equipment. The main equipment includes 1 UPS power cabinet, 3 DCS network cabinets, 17 DCS control cabinets, and 3 sets of engineers station.

The transmission work is led by the project thermal department, cooperated by the Commissioning & Operation Department and Electrical Department, and the main responsible persons from owners and supervision unit witnessed the process of transmission. During the transmission process, owners and owner-engineers brought forward a number of requirements regarding DCS transmission, while the professional engineers from project answered the confusions and requirements, and eventually obtained recognition and agreement of owner, which ensured the successful DCS power work, and established the company's professional, responsible EPC contractor image.

From receiving power connection notice to switching on each cabinet and related equipment and finally to engineer station, the whole process is accurate and smooth. After the debugging check, it shows that all the technical indicators met the system requirements. The energization was successfully completed.

As DCS energization was completed, the debugging work will be gradually started, which laid a solid foundation for the following backward service power.The project will continue to strive to focus on safety and quality to push forward each construction task to ensure successful power generation.