Dakshidin Corporation (Dakshidin) has completed installation of Restec Mark 10 water pumping windmill in Wuhan city district of China. The windmill has met the performance needs. The windmill has been installed and located at a large multi-use farm composed of pig farming, fish farming and agriculture farm land. This new operation designed by the owner of the farm is for pumping the minimum of two tons of clean water a day from the well for cleaning the pig farm barns.

The usage of windmill has proved the power of renewable energy and environmentally friendly operation.

Restec Mark 10 water pumping windmill is also capturing the same waste tonnage of water and running it through a purification system and then injecting it down a secondary well. In this well, the new windmill again pumps the water to fill the fish farm pond and then pushes the water along water pipes to water the farm land.