The CryoPort Express allows for products to remain frozen at temperatures below -150C for up to 10 days, unlike dry ice shipping which often requires re-icing during transit.

Larry Stambaugh, chairman and chief executive officer of CryoPort stated, “We are pleased to have completed this agreement with FedEx that allows us to jointly provide our new frozen shipping solution for select customers. The strength of the FedEx global network combined with the breakthrough innovation of the validated CryoPort Express container combined with the customer-based web portal will offer a new high integrity, cost effective and easy frozen shipping solution for the life science industry.”

Combining this technology with FedEx’s advanced information technology systems that monitor and track shipments will revolutionize the frozen shipping model. Today that model requires dry ice, shipping boxes, arranging for the transportation and packing of the boxes with dry ice and the samples.

“This new frozen shipping solution significantly enhances our customer’s product integrity versus the traditional dry ice and over pack solution,” said Jerry Beyl, FedEx vice president of worldwide services. “We are very pleased to add this innovative solution to the FedEx suite of life science industry offerings.”

FedEx Express is a US-based provider of delivery of packages and freight.