ClearSign Combustion (ClearSign), a provider of industrial combustion technologies that help to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, announced the completion and customer acceptance, and payment for its Duplex retrofit heater project at Tricor Refining in Bakersfield, California.

As previously announced, ClearSign was engaged to retrofit Tricor's single-burner, 15 MMBtu/hr vertical cylindrical refinery heater – last fired in 1984 – with ClearSign's unique, patented Duplex technology. The goal was to ensure compliance with strict air emissions regulations within Kern County. Source testing conducted by a third party on behalf of the refiner confirmed NOx (nitrogen oxides) and CO (carbon monoxide) emissions well below the current Best Available Control Technology (BACT) outlined in Rule 4320 of the San Joaquin Valley Air District rules on NOx emissions by certain types of industrial heaters including refinery process heaters.

"The Tricor installation represents the second completed and accepted application of ClearSign's patented technology within the refinery segment, which, by our studies has market potential of over $800 Million," said Steve Pirnat, Chairman and CEO of ClearSign.  "The Tricor installation is another successful application of Duplex Technology in achieving Best Available Control Technology, (BACT). The ClearSign Duplex Burner is the only burner that we are aware of that is capable of achieving this low level of NOx emissions and represents a huge opportunity for us in the Refinery Space as we continue to build successful installations. Our ability to achieve this level of performance at costs commensurate with Ultra Low NOx burners has gotten the attention of several of the Super Major Oil Companies, who are looking for cost effective technology to meet their current and future environmental compliance needs," continued Mr. Pirnat.

"We appreciate the opportunity to assist Tricor in bringing back to service a unit that had not operated since the mid '80s and couldn't be more pleased with their support and commitment to showcase Duplex to the refining industry.  They are a great partner, and truly committed to environmental compliance. We look forward to doing additional work with Tricor and their two parent companies," concluded Mr. Pirnat"