Exousia Advanced Materials, Inc. (Exousia) has reported that CleanRoom USA has selected its advanced RPA Resin material and RPA-based TRUSS CORE structural components as the next generation of wall and ceiling interior surfaces in operating rooms and clean rooms. The installation of these components on interior surfaces of walls and ceilings will dramatically reduce airborne bacteria and infection rates.

Still, most existing facilities use traditional sheetrock interior surfaces, a major source of dust and a breeding ground for bacteria in operating rooms. It is estimated that there are over one hundred thousand operating rooms and clean rooms in the US alone.

‘CleanRoom USA has been retrofitting operating rooms with bacteria-resistant interior surfaces for over twelve years and is well established in the surgical facility industry,’ comments Exousia CEO, J. Wayne Rodrigue. ‘Exousia estimates approximately $30,000 in revenue for each operating room and clean room. In a market estimated at over one hundred million dollars, this is an excellent opportunity for Exousia to expand into another revenue generating market. We are very pleased that our advanced resin materials have been selected to able to help reduce surgical infection rates and save lives.’

‘For over a decade I’ve been searching for a material with the toughness and ‘formability’ to not only cover existing interior surfaces in operating rooms, but to actually replace them,’ notes CleanRoom USA President, Glen McCall. ‘RPA and TRUSS CORE provide the right mix of strength with the ability to thermoform that is essential in this high-value, critical application. RPA also allows seams to be heat welded together to provide a complete surface barrier to bacteria.’