Ya said that the wind turbine is around 70 meters high and the blade is about 30 meters wide.

China’s total wind power-installed capacity raised from 400,000 kW in 2001, to the fifth highest in the world of 10 million kW in 2008, according to a report of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

Inner Mongolia has increased 100 million kW of wind energy resources, with vast white turbines standing high to capture the strong winds from the heartland of Mongolia and Siberia, according to Ya.

Ya said that the area is striving to build wind power plants, the installed capacity of which will be above 10 million kW, almost half of that of the nation’s largest hydropower project at the Three Gorges.

North China’s Hebei area will also build wind power plants with an installed capacity of above 10 million kW as of 2020, said Zhao Weidong, an official with the provincial Commission of Development and Reform, in March 2009.

Inner Mongolia and Hebei will exploit wind energy earlier than other areas on the Chinese mainland.

There are 16 companies producing wind power equipments in the Inner Mongolia, and five of them have started operation, said Zhao.

The total wind power-installed capability of the Inner Mongolia raised from 170,000 kW in 2005 to 3 million kW in2008.