Just a few kilometers from the East China Sea Bridge, three 92-meter-high turbines are already constructed. The rest 31 turbines will be built shortly.

According to the managers of the construction project, building of the wind farm is going on well since the first turbine was installed on March 20, 2009. Shanghai citizens will have access to electricity generated from the East China Sea by the time the 2010 World Expo opens in the city.

There are intentions to build six or seven wind farms in Shanghai, comprising of the East China Sea farm, the Bridge wind farm in Yangshan, the Fengxian Bay wind farm, and the Changxing Island wind power project.

Shanghai intends to raise wind power capacity by 254,000 kW to 293,000 kW, equivalent to the around 1.5% of the city’s total installed generating capability.

According to Zhou Yongxing, manager of the Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company, the city is not only spending vast amount in the development of wind power, but also is financing other green projects such as transmission of clean, renewable energy to Sichuan Proince, solar power, and research and development on urban grid energy storage systems.