GasTerra, also based in the Netherlands, is an international supplier and trader of natural gas. Each BlueGen unit can produce twice the electricity needed to power an average home, with the surplus electricity sold back to the grid. BlueGen also produces heat, to make enough hot water for an average home, the company claimed.

BlueGen is fitted with an integrated heat exchanger to recover the heat from the fuel cell module. A separate water tank can be connected to the unit to increase the total system efficiency.

Ceramic Fuel Cells said that BlueGen units can generate electricity efficiently reducing a home’s carbon emissions and cutting energy bills. The company claimed that BlueGen can lead upto 60% electrical efficiency.

The order from Kiwa Gas Technology is Ceramic Fuel Cells’ second order for BlueGen units in Europe, following a recent order from German utility EWE. Ceramic Fuel Cells has also deployed mCHP products with energy companies and appliance manufacturers in France and the UK.