Designed to perform reliably in some of the world’s most challenging environments, Carmanah’s solar-LED obstruction lights are compact, durable and self-contained, making them a suitable choice for a range of applications, whether helping to mark a sweltering airfield runway, a frozen navigational buoy, or obstructions along a busy roadway. For this application, one hundred Carmanah 600-series lights will help mark potential hazards to ground and air traffic including towers, lamp standards and obstructions along the YAS Marina Circuit’s trackside. Other Carmanah solar-LED technology at this location includes two internally illuminated windsocks, designed to accommodate round-the-clock helicopter service.

As the only motorsports venue in the world to offer covered grandstands for all (50,000+) spectators, the new Yas Marina Circuit will also be the first Formula 1 venue to start the race in daylight and end during nighttime. Sophisticated lighting technology throughout the facility will ensure a seamless transition from daylight to dark, providing a consistent daylight effect, while eliminating shadow or glare for drivers and spectators alike. As part of this optimized lighting environment, Carmanah’s LED lighting equipment will offer a safe and practical solution.

Designed for optimum visibility, Carmanah’s time-tested A601 and A650 obstruction lights offer more than 250 possible flash patterns, and can be ordered in a choice of blue, yellow, green, white, or as in this case, red light outputs. Optimized and tested to the toughest industrial and military standards, Carmanah solar-powered lights will ensure a dependable year-round solution for this challenging location.