“Our partnership in this project is helping to generate new economic activity and creating jobs for this community,” said Senator Manning. “This investment in St. Lawrence is another step toward a cleaner and sustainable energy future for Newfoundland and Labrador and for all of Canada.”

“As our first wind project in Canada, the St. Lawrence project is a significant milestone for Enel,” said Toni Volpe, Head of the North American Area for Enel Green Power. “We’re grateful for the Canadian government’s strong commitment to renewable energy. The government’s support through the ecoEnergy program is crucial if we are to create a new green economy that both protects our environment and creates a pollution-free energy infrastructure for the future.”

Wind power and other renewable energy sources are increasingly becoming part of Canada’s energy mix. In recognition of this success, Minister Raitt announced a series of national roundtables that will bring together all the key players and promote a new level of discussion and collaboration with everyone who has a role in determining our energy future — industry, researchers, government and the financial community.

The $1.5-billion ecoENERGY for Renewable Power program provides a one cent per kWh incentive. Canada’s Economic Action Plan builds on this investment with an additional $2.4 billion to support the development and deployment of cleaner energy technologies and supporting infrastructure, including the $1-billion Clean Energy Fund and the $1-billion Green Infrastructure Fund.