Calgon Carbon Corporation (Calgon Carbon) has received a three-year service contract of worth around $10 million from Pasadena city, California for a treatment system to remove perchlorate and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from groundwater in the Monk Hill Basin, a sub-area of the Raymond Basin aquifer. As per the contract, the company will provide and install the treatment system, along with granular activated carbon and ion exchange media. The contract can be extended beyond three years.

The treatment system will restore and maximize the use of the city’ local groundwater resources. The company’s treatment system will meet the requirements established by the California Department of Public Health for drinking water.

This contract from Pasadena city is the second contract awarded to Calgon Carbon in the Raymond Basin for removal of perchlorate and VOCs. A system has been treating groundwater at a Lincoln Avenue Water company site for over 18 months.

Bob O’Brien, senior vice president of Calgon Carbon, said, ‘We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide the residents of the City of Pasadena, with high-quality drinking water.’