Located some 90 miles northwest of Indianapolis, the Fowler Ridge II wind farm will utilize 133 GE SLE wind turbine generators, each with a rated capacity of 1.5 MW. The balance of plant contract for the 17,000-acre site has been awarded to Mortenson Construction of Minneapolis. The project is expected to employ some 400 people on-site during peak construction.

Today marks another significant investment commitment by BP Wind Energy as we continue to build out our wind portfolio, says John Graham, President, BP Wind Energy. Wind power is a key component of delivering a diverse and adequate energy supply and is one of America’s most plentiful and important low-carbon resources. We are pleased to be expanding the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm and once more to be working in the community of Benton county, adds Graham.

The power from phase two of the project has been sold under four long-term contracts, each contract for 50 MW. Three contracts have been signed with operating units of American Electric Power Company, Inc. and one contract with Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana, Inc. (Vectren Energy), a subsidiary of Vectren Corporation.