Bluewater Bio International (BBI), a wastewater treatment company, has agreed to the terms for the acquisition of Water Innovate, a technology transfer spin-out from the Cranfield University School of Water Sciences.

The acquisition will enable Bluewater Bio to incorporate Water Innovate’s current range of products into its portfolio of water treatment technologies, including monitoring and modeling systems for wastewater treatment works designed to control emissions such as odour and greenhouse gases.

These products, which are already in demonstration trials with global utilities including Severn Trent in the UK, include N-Tox, a toxicity monitoring system that provides early warning of plant failure and Odoursim, an odour modeling software for wastewater systems.

Further, through this acquisition, BBI will gain access to Water Innovate’s proprietary processes including membrane, biological and catalytic technologies that remove pollutants from water and effluents contaminated with nitrates, phosphates, suspended solids and other chemicals.

The deal, which is expected to close in October, also includes a five-year rolling agreement providing the company with access to Cranfield’s own ongoing R&D pipeline of advanced wastewater treatment technologies.

Water Innovate executive chairman John Catling said that this is an excellent opportunity for Water Innovate, which has created a multi-product pipeline that is now ready to enter the market, boosted by the exciting international operations at Bluewater Bio.