AVL, an electric and hybrid powertrain systems developer, has tested the commercial viability of lithium-ion battery technology from ActaCell and has identified the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) market, comprising medium and heavy-duty trucks, as the initial best fit for the technology.

ActaCell’s lithium-ion battery technology is designed into thin pouch cells, 12 of which are incorporated together to create a module and eight such modules are then packaged together to make a complete vehicle pack.

AVL tested ActaCell battery module in five categories at multiple temperatures: Constant Current Discharge, Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization, Efficiency, Simulated Drive and Thermal Performance.

The testing, which included developing a specific automotive grade Li-ion cell and module design for ActaCell battery technology, will be followed by pilot-scale manufacturing and demonstration vehicle testing of the cell and module with select medium and heavy-duty truck companies.

AVL Powertrain president Ray Corbin said that automotive technology is moving in a new direction, with electric vehicles garnering significant attention both within the industry and with mainstream consumers.

“We are very excited to be a part of what ActaCell is doing. We are optimistic, based on what we’ve seen from ActaCell, that they will be a part of the modern automotive equation,” Corbin said.