The parties have agreed to collaborate in the development of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing materials based on Texsa’s existing product lines of protective roofing and thermal insulating boards for inverted-system flat or pitched roofs.

Ascent Solar initially intends to supply Texsa with product from its existing 1.5MW production line for Texsa to develop, test and certify integrated BIPV products, and then intends to increase deliveries of solar modules to Texsa after Ascent Solar’s planned expansion of production capacity.

Subsequent demonstration scale projects are envisioned to validate the system level performance and to develop market demand for the jointly developed BIPV roofing products.

Joseph McCabe, Ascent Solar’s vice president of business development, said: Ascent Solar is pleased to be working with roofing innovators like Texsa. We believe Spain offers an attractive business environment for PV roofing, including a high level of incentives for distributed generation BIPV solutions.