Unlike traditional used oil filter crushing machines or disposal methods, the new FilterMatic is a completely automatic machine that:

— Removes and collects the steel base plate from the filter.

— Crushes and extracts used oil from the filter.

— Collects the resulting steel, filter, and used oil for proper recycling or disposal.

FilterMatic will enable the quick lube and auto service shop operators to meet or exceed the environmental standards for the used oil filter disposal while enabling shop owners to earn income from the sale of the filter metal. Steel collected from the filter can be sold.

We designed FilterMatic as an extremely proactive solution to maximize the recycling potential for waste material that results from a typical oil change, said Zach Arnold, president of Arnold Machine and FilterMatic.

Even more, we see FilterMatic as a way for oil change operators to position themselves as environmentally-responsible in light of greater consumer awareness and preference for ‘green’ companies.

FilterMatic was introduced in June 2009 at the annual Automotive Oil Change Association trade show and has since been invited to attend the 2009 annual invitation-only Jiffy Lube Convention & Trade Show.

FilterMatic is offering a no-obligation 30-day trial of its used oil filter recycling machine for all the new customers.