Marc de Andolenko, president of AREVA China, said “the preparatory work for the Taishan project has been going well.

In 2007, AREVA has signed a EUR8 billion agreement with the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation for the supply of the two reactors. The reactors will use the European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) technology and has a capacity of 1,700 megawatt (MW) each.

Presently, AREVA has started construction of two other three-generation nuclear power plants in Finland and France. Andolenko said, using the same technology for the Taishan project, they can offer valuable experiences for the Chinese plant during the construction process.

China will use the third generation nuclear power technology to construct six reactors in the country. Besides the two in Taishan, the other four include a pair in Sanmen in Zhejiang and two in Haiyang in Shandong.

The four reactors in Zhejiang and Shandong will utilize the AP1000 technology from the Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC (Westinghouse). China has finalized an agreement with Westinghouse two years back for the four reactors.

In April 2009, China has begun the construction of the Sanmen project in Zhejiang. The first phase of the project will comprise of two units each with a capacity of 1,250 MW.

Previously, China has planned to raise its nuclear power capacity to 40 gigawatt (GW) by 2020, accounting for 4% of the nation’s total power capacity. However, in line with the rapid development of the sector, the target was reportedly revised to 70 GW.