AREVA T&D India Limited (AREVA T&D) has received an INR1.1 billion contract from West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (WBSETCL) for the construction of a 400 kV substation in Kharagpur. Three additional 400 kV substations are being planned in Chanditola, Gokorno, and Bhangor-Rajarhat area. A C Sarkar, WBSETCL’s director, transmission, stated tenders would be invited soon, two have been confirmed, while the Bhangore-Rajarhat substation has not yet been confirmed.

Sarkar said “Areva T&D India bagged the contract for 400 KV Kharagpur substation through a competitive bidding route ousting the other big bidders like L&T, BHEL, CGL and other. In total eight companies participated in the tender, Areva T&D India quoted the lowest bid.”

AREVA T&D would construct on a turnkey basis, WBSETCL’s third 400 kV substation in Kharagpur. WBSETCL would perform the design, inspection, operation and maintenance.

The new 400 kV substation would mainly serve the power needs of the Kharagpur and nearby industrial belts, thus expanding the existing grid.

The substation would manage a total of 630 megavolt ampere (MVA) of power, with two transformers managing 315 MVA each.

WBSETCL currently has one 400 kV substation in Jeerat and one in Arambagh.

Areva T&D India is also in the course of commissioning a 220 kV substation located in Subhasgram and a 132 kV substation situated in Rajarhat area. In 2009-10 WBSETCL intends to commission 15 new Extra High Volt substations within the state to improve the present transmission network.