Ansar Energy LLC (Ansar Energy) is planning to install solar-power panels at an estimated cost of $750 million in Greenfield city. As per the Greenfield Mayor Christine Forgey, the company is seeking to open sites in several places in order to create an electricity production network to feed the power grid. Other sites being considered include Worcester airport and properties in Berkshire county, Gardner, Lowell and Attleboro.

The landfill property is meeting Ansar Energy’s criteria of at least 20 acres, as the property itself is in 24 acres.

If Greenfield makes the final cut for this project, it will generate clean energy and generate income. You can’t do much better than that, said Marlene Marrocco, Greenfield director of economic development and marketing.

Marrocco said that she has met with the Ansar Energy President, Junaid Yasin, and learned that the city would be paid from $12,000 to $15,000 per acre, provided the company leases the landfill.

Marrocco further said that solar panels would be mounted on top of the landfill cap, anchored to concrete blocks, so that the landfill is not disturbed and its cap not breached.

Leasing 20 acres to the firm would mean an annual income to the town of $300,000, Marrocco said.

Christine Forgey said that the plan has been evolving for more than six months, and that Ansar Energy has been dealing with state officials to get backing for the project.

Using the closed landfill to generate revenue while producing alternative energy is brilliant, Christine Forgey said.