Ameresco, an energy efficiency and renewable energy company, has secured a long-term energy savings performance contract (ESPC) from the City of Greenville, South Carolina in US.

Under this contract, Ameresco will install a series of system upgrades that is expected to save the city an estimated $330,000 annually over a 15-year term while reducing Greenville’s carbon footprint.

Ameresco has evaluated and analyzed more than 36 city municipal facilities for HVAC and lighting efficiencies and water conservation measures and has already begun construction on the identified and selected energy efficiency improvements.

Some of the facilities that are part of Ameresco’s ESPC include the Greenville Zoo, the Carolina First Center, and numerous administration office buildings that are expected to lower their operating costs, while reducing their carbon footprint.

The cost savings resulting from the energy efficiency upgrades will offset the costs of these improvements over the term of the contract with Ameresco, which will also provide savings verification to the city.