Alstom has signed an exclusive worldwide licence agreement with EIG Inc of the US for its carbon dioxide capture process. The licence agreement of this patented process covers its development and commercialisation by Alstom’s environmental controls systems business.

The carbon capture process is based on chilled ammonia – a procedure that cools the flue gas, increasing absorbtion and allowing low energy desorbtion of the CO2 in a very pure concentration at pressure. In demonstrations through independent research institutes, the process has, according to Alstom, shown its potential to be highly effective and significantly lower in total cost than conventional amine or improved amine processes. Tests have demonstrated that the process can yield high purity CO2 at 1500 psi with capture rates in excess of 90%.

Alstom is now moving to a plant demonstration phase on a substantial scale and in real operating environments. EIG will remain closely involved in the development and commercialisation of the process.