Our newest measurement solutions shown at this event demonstrate our ongoing commitment to empower engineers to stay at the forefront of dramatically evolving mobile-communications technologies, said Ron Nersesian, vice president of Agilent’s Wireless Business Unit.

Mobile World Congress attendees will see the company demonstrate:

A key enabling technology for LTE and WiMAX, the company’s Radio Digital Cross Domain (RDX) Solution provides a single test environment for MIPI Digital Radio Frequency (DigRF) v3 and v4 protocols. The RDX solution allows BB-IC and RF-IC engineers to work in either the Digital or RF domain for digital protocol test as well as RF (digital IQ) physical layer stimulus and analysis of RF and Baseband ICs.

MIMO channel emulation and co-existence test, solved with the Agilent N5106A PXB MIMO receiver tester. The Agilent PXB MIMO receiver tester transforms complex channel emulation up to 4×2 MIMO into a calibrated and repeatable test process for R&D engineers developing BTS or mobile receivers. The Agilent PXB supports all major wireless standards, including WiMAX and LTE.

The new mobile test solutions for HSPA+, HSDPA, E-EDGE, UMA/GAN and GPS with the Agilent 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set, as well as GO/NO GO UMTS mobile test capability from the Agilent N9360A Mobile Station Tester, which demonstrates Agilent’s commitment to the ever-evolving 3GPP mobile test needs.

LTE RF measurements and LTE high-definition video streaming using an LTE device simulator. The Agilent E6620A LTE wireless communications test set for LTE UE designers uses a common 3GPP-compliant LTE protocol stack to provide a portfolio of solutions across the entire R&D lifecycle. These solutions shorten design cycles and ensure the highest quality LTE UE designs.

WiMAX RF, protocol and application test, including base station emulation, protocol logging, network conformance test, radiated performance test, pre-RF conformance test, and protocol conformance test (including TTCN3-scripting). Agilent’s E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set provides a versatile solution with a broad portfolio of products. The E6651A supports real-time, end-to-end testing of functional applications with internet protocol (IP) connection of >10 Mbps data throughput.

The E6474A-645 LTE Receiver Measurements, together with Agilent’s W1314A measurement receivers, enable network equipment manufacturers and wireless operators’ RF engineering teams to measure the coverage of LTE eNodeBs — identifying P-SCH and S-SCH RSSI and LTE Cell-ID and detect cell overlap. The new LTE Receiver Measurements integrate with the industry-leading Agilent E6474A network optimization software to provide a core of RF coverage data and technology-specific optimization measurements.

Agilent’s Signaling Analyzer Real-time (SART) LTE, which runs on the Distributed Network Analyzer platform, provides a high-performance test solution for end-to-end system verification, troubleshooting and optimization. It has real-time graphical call trace across multiple interfaces (such as S1, X2, & S5) and LTE Performance Analyzer for fully correlated KPI analysis. SART is the only solution in the industry to support all 2G, 3G and emerging 4G technologies on the single platform. Combined, they all help deliver end-to-end LTE troubleshooting and optimization.

Comprehensive assureME applications, which help operators, accelerate deployment of VoIP for Mobile Soft Switch Networks. Network and service quality are ensured through rapid identification and analysis of potential issues and in-depth troubleshooting for early problem resolution with newly enhanced QoS Analyzer and Session Trace applications.

Agilent’s Wireless Data Analytics solution, which helps to improve operational and business performance by transforming huge volumes of signaling and usage data (IuPS, Gn, Gb) into actionable information. This is a network data warehouse solution based on the market-leading Teradata architecture. It delivers a network-wide view of all wireless data traffic in a network within hours of a problem occurring, rather than the typical 24 hours for switch-based reports. This solution delivers leading-class analytics through the integration of network data captured by probes in a network-wide warehouse for use throughout an organization.

Wireless installation and maintenance (I&M) with Agilent’s FieldFox RF Analyzer — the worlds most integrated handheld. Its key measurements include cable and antenna test from 2 MHz to 4/6 GHz, spectrum analysis from 100 kHz to 4/6 GHz, vector network analysis, and true average power measurements. FieldFox is the first and only RF tool for base station I&M that is calibration-ready at the test port. FieldFox is rugged, compact and lightweight with test times more than 50 percent faster than traditional testers.