Adcock’s Midrand facility currently faces energy supply issues. As a result, the company needed to develop creative ways to maximize available resources and ensure a secure environment for more than 200 employees and temperature-sensitive products. A large warehouse on the premises stores pharmaceuticals that must be kept at a specific temperature. The necessity of this critical temperature emphasizes the need for sufficient energy supply to the facility to allow for optimum cooling.

“Adcock Ingram needed an integrated solution that would enable the company to be innovative with their energy supply. Johnson Controls offered them a one-stop-shop solution that addresses their energy concerns, provides a measurable return on investment and prepares them for future security needs,” says Neil Cameron, general manager at Johnson Controls Systems & Services, South Africa.

The building automation and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), access control security are tied into one integrated communication system which provides intelligent management of the facility. Apart from optimizing current energy usage, the Johnson Controls building management system measures and pinpoints areas in the building where further power can be saved.

The project was completed in April 2009.

Adcock is a South Africa-based pharmaceutical company.