The systems will ship in late first quarter 2009 with installation following soon after.

“Downtime due to power disturbances costs U.S. manufacturing companies hundreds of millions of dollars annually in lost productivity,” said Gary Rackow, vice president of sales, Americas for Active Power. “Not only do these businesses face costly downtime, but they also must incur unplanned expenses to reset, service and sometimes even repair equipment damaged by a critical process interruption. Active Power’s flywheel technology is seven times less likely to fail than conventional double conversion UPS with batteries, making the system extremely predictable in a mission critical environment.”

With over 2,000 flywheels shipped since 1992, Active Power’s critical backup power systems have accrued over 50 million hours of field runtime. The system also provides up to twice the power in half the footprint and can operate to extended temperatures, reaching as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit – as compared to a conventional UPS system. As a result, this saves operators money in reduced floor space requirements and cooling costs.