Enviro Technologies has started transitioning its sales and marketing activities to markets outside of oil and gas, including industrial wastewater, sewage and mining.


Image: Wastewater treating plant. Photo: Courtesy of nikonlike/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Additionally, EVTN announced that it is in the process of completing an estimated two million dollar order from a $20bn utility company for a wastewater system that will require multiple Voraxial Separator units. The wastewater system will be used to separate oil and solids from water prior to the water being discharged into the environment.

The Voraxial System will be used to process and separate oil and solids from a flow of about 120 gallons per minute. The System will include different technologies with the heart of the system being comprised of 2 Voraxial 2000 Separators working in parallel with a 3rd Voraxial being utilized to further dewater the reject lines from the System.

EVTN CEO John DiBella said: “We are pursuing water treatment opportunities for the Voraxial Separator outside of the oil and gas markets. Developing these other markets for the Voraxial Separator coupled with the potential unit sales from the oil and gas market we anticipate from the agreement we signed with Schlumberger can provide us with exciting growth potential.”

Source: Company Press Release