A vegetable processing plant in northern Spain has become totally self-sufficient in power generation after taking delivery of a second 925 kWe baseload generating set from Cummins Power Generation. Bonduelle is running the two cogeneration sets 18 hours a day at its factory in Milagro, Navarra in Spain.

Peak loading at the site, which includes canning and chilling facilities, is approximately 1770 kWe. When demand is lower, Bonduelle exports surplus electricity.

Each set has a 1146 kVA, 380 V, 50 Hz Newage alternator driven by a Cummins 16-cylinder twin turbo diesel engine. An automatic control system controls operation and synchronisation with the grid.

Both sets also feature heat recovery systems. Heat from the exhaust gases and the cooling system water provide enough energy to produce 800 kg/h of steam for the plant’s two 5930 kg/h oil-fired boilers.

The first unit, installed in 1996, has operated for more than 8000 hours.