Proven in disasters around the globe, the Tiger Dam system can replace the need for hundreds of sandbags and be deployed within 90 seconds.


Tiger Dams are engineered, patented, rugged, water-filled products that can replace 500 sandbags. The environmentally friendly, reusable tube system can be deployed within minutes by inflating with water and are easily configured in modular blocks. Inexpensive when compared with the use of sandbags, the system is an effective flood protection barrier.

Emergency Tiger Dams are suitable for a wide variety of situations including flood protection, water diversion, potable water storage, construction, or chemical and oil spills. With speed a critical component in an emergency, each standard tube (15m long and 0.45m high) can be filled with water in approximately 90 seconds.

The patented Tiger Dam system is rugged, stable and durable. The tubes can be joined and configured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and around obstacles, from 15m to unlimited kilometers in length and from 0.45m to 10m in height. The system is modular and simple to use, easily connected and engineered to be stacked. An empty tube is easily moved as it only weighs 27kg and can be deployed by one person, eliminating the need for heavy equipment. When full of water it weights over 2760kg which makes the barrier very stable.

After use, tubes are drained, cleaned and rolled up for future use. With proper care, this reusable system is designed to last up to 17 years, or longer.

Tested and proven
Deployed around the globe, the Tiger Dam has been proven in Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike, and tested by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It has also been independently assessed for function and safety by leading certified engineering laboratory, the University of British Columbia’s Ocean Engineering Test Centre. Results show that the system exceeds its design criteria and performed well in a variety of situations. Stable when subjected to wave action, burst tests demonstrated a maximum internal pressure of 1195gf/cm2. The system typically operates at 140.6gf/cm2. Puncture tests met or exceeded all applicable ISO standards and the fabric is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and is stable. The 5cm bayonet valves have a bayonet style connector with 5cm polyester connecting straps with ten thousand pound tensile strength.

Tiger dam trainers are based around the world and are available to deliver training on its various applications. These include:

• Flood Emergency Response – The standard and Super Tiger Dam systems can help protect against flooding. There are also potable Tiger Dams that can have fresh drinking water stored in them ready for distribution after flood water recedes.

• Ocean & River Protection – The system’s water diversion capabilities make for an economical and environmentally friendly product that assists in making any project easier. It can help stop ocean erosion, or contain parts of a river for environmental reasons, or simply be used to aid walkway or bridge replairs. Concrete Tiger Dams can help decrease ocean erosion.

• Construction – Used in the construction of roads and bridges and construction situations where water has to be diverted. The tubes can also be filled with liquid concrete to create more permanent concrete barriers.

• Waste & Water Management – Used for containment of sewage or water run off during peak rainfall, or keeping a specific area dry when water levels have risen. During dry periods tubes can be used to store water in retention ponds or even fresh water in the tubes themselves.

• Chemical Spills & Oil Refineries – The tubes can be used as a HAZMAT solution for containing spills versus expensive earth works and containment membranes.

• Concrete Tiger Dams – When filled with concrete, Tiger Dams convert into a semi-permanent dam providing a long lasting solution, strengthening levees and flood banks and decreasing ocean erosion. Each Tiger Dam will fill in approximately 5 minutes, with 2.79m3 of concrete weighing 6478kg. Recycled concrete can be used and when no longer needed the concrete can be recycled again.

• Super Tiger Dams – The Super and Mega Tiger Dam System is ideal for river banks, road ways, on top of levees, for building retention ponds and coffer dams; anywhere you are able to use heavy equipment for access. All sizes can be joined or stacked depending on flood elevations. Sizes range from 1m through to 4m and can be joined or stacked depending on flood elevations.

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