Renold Hi-Tee Couplings of Halifax, UK, has produced a new blind assembly coupling, the RB, specifically designed to transmit torque between diesel engines and alternators more effectively than existing couplings. The RB is said by its makers to be a cost-effective flywheel-rnounted coupling for torques up to 314 Nm. The design isolates the generator from the engine, leaving the torsional characteristics of the engine unaffected. It provides quick and easy assembly particularly in bell housings, can be adapted to suit most engine flywheels and has a short axial length. It is intrinsically fail-safe, and can control resonant torsional vibration, resulting in low vibratory loads in driveline components.

The RB is also quiet running and suitable for sensitive applications where the elimination of metal-to-metal contact is desirable. Designed to ‘fit and forget’, with no lubrication or adjustment requirements, the coupling requires very little maintenance and lifetime costs are extremely low. It is robustly constructed from spheroidal graphite to BS 2789 Grade 420/12 for optimum durability and flexibility. It incorporates pre-compressed, totally enclosed rubber elements to minimise backlash and also to prevent metal-to-metal contact during torque reversal conditions.