CAREM: Argentina’s innovative SMR

First concrete was poured for the $452 million CAREM 27 MWe small modular reactor in February 2014.

  • CAREM small modular reactor first concrete
  • Figure 1: Schematic of a closed loop representing CAREM-25 and the occurrence of flashing.
  • Figure 2: Critical heat flux vs. mass flux for two different thermo-dynamical qualities obtained from the Lookup Tables for the CAREM-25 reactor operating at nominal conditions.
  • Figure 3: The reactor stability map when neutron feedback is considered.
  • Figure 4: Schematic view of a realistic power profile obtained in a SG tube from CAREM-25
  • Figure 5: Dimensionless height of the preheating, boiling and superheating zones obtained for different operational powers
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